WATCH: A glittery skull make-up look for Halloween

Watch as we recreate a twist on the skull look - using lots of glitter!

Alex Light

Social media has seriously stepped up its game when it comes to Halloween make-up. As soon as 1 October rolls around, our Instagram feeds are dominated by incredible and intricate Halloween looks – think melting skulls, creepy clowns and double vision optical illusion make-up (genius, FYI). So, eager to rise to the challenge, I called upon Go Get Glitter, a company specialising in face and body art, and tasked them with creating something just as jawdropping as the looks I’d seen on Instagram.

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We went for a glittery skull (like, seriously glittery – I was absolutely covered in the stuff and weeks later I'm STILL leaving a trail everywhere I go!).  To make sure you could all attempt to recreate the look at home – every product used can be purchased on their website – we filmed the transformation from start to finish.


The finished result - and a heavy Instagram filter, of course

It took around 45 minutes to create the look, using glue, glitter, sequins and make-up to complete the Halloween makeover. It wasn't easy to keep still the whole time but it was even harder to keep my mouth shut - possibly the longest I've gone without chatting (excluding sleep, obvs). I LOVED the finished result... Getting the tube home was an experience (I definitely scared a few young children), but it pained me to have to take it off at the end of the day!

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As I mentioned, you can purchase all of the products used on, and check out their Instagram for a whole host of other incredible Halloween inspiration… Our personal favourites include a mermaid – fishtail and all! – a cut-throat choker which was worn by one of our favourite YouTubers NikkieTutorials, an iridescent unicorn and a gorgeous, glittering Black Swan

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WATCH: Alex get her glittery skull make-up look for Halloween