THIS is how to make your make-up last all day in summer

In our first instalment of #AlexAanswers, our beauty influencer Alex Light fixes one of your beauty dilemmas. This week it's all about how to make your make-up last. Over to you, Alex...

Ahh, the age-old beauty dilemma: how to make your make-up last? I totally get it – you sacrifice precious minutes of snooze time to get up and meticulously apply your expensive make-up, only to get into work after a particularly stressful journey and realise your face is one big smear.

Thankfully, various beauty brands have come up with different products to tackle the problem. Urban Decay has an 'All Nighter' setting spray, Bobbi Brown has an entire 'Long-Wear' range and Rimmel's 'Lasting Finish' foundation is one of the UK's best sellers. But often a single, long-lasting product just isn't enough to guarantee a stay-all-day look…

So I wasn't surprised to receive this question from a follower: @bexlewis: 'Make-up rarely stays on my face – foundation and eyeshadow all seem to disappear after a few hours regardless of weather or activity! Please help!'

Here goes. There are a few hacks I employ to ensure my make-up has staying power – I set my foundation and concealer with powder (Laura Mercier's Translucent Loose Setting Powder is my fave) and finish off with a spray (I like the previously mentioned 'All-Nighter' from Urban Decay – it actually lowers the temperature of your make-up to keep everything in place).

Prep is also really important and a good primer will be a total game-changer when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror at 2pm and you still look great. "If you want your make-up to look perfectly polished with maximum stay, primers are key," says make-up artist Cher Webb.

"A primer will not only make beauty products adhere to your face better, it will also smooth out imperfections, take down redness and add to the glow." Cher's favourite? "Try Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – I've used this in my kit for years and it looks incredible on every skin type."

As for the eye area, the make-up expert recommends applying the same principle and opting for an eye primer. "I always apply a base before shadows and liners – it prevents creasing and stops oil from breaking down your shadow. My product of choice is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – it's water resistant and just magical."

Hope that answers your question, @bexlewis! Everyone else, get in touch if you have any other questions @alexlight_ldn – I'm here to help!