Man make-up hits the high street

Superdrug launches cosmetics for guys

Russell Brand's reputation as a comic and lothario has long been built on his early Seventies, T-Rex-style image of backcombed hair and plenty of kohl. Even fellow TV presenter Alex Zane told us recently that he loves a bit of 'guyliner'.

And now it's become a little bit easier for the pair of them to indulge their feminine side, with the launch of TAXI London For Men - a range that Superdrug claims is the first UK make-up range for men.

The first two products in the range are Guy-Liner, £6.50 - a soft, smooth, kohl pencil designed for chunkier hands - and Manscara, £6.50, which will launch on August 6, 2008, followed by Concealer, £6.50, and Lip Balm, £5, in September. Says Peter Kelly, creator of the range: “We’ve developed essentials that a guy would perhaps normally borrow from his other half. It’s about subtle make-up rather than wanting to create the drag queen look.”

According to Mintel, the UK male grooming market is currently worth around £700m annually and is predicted to rise to more than £820m by 2009.