Justin joins growing list of shaven headed hotties

...but denies he's a metrosexual


As he announces that, despite his millions, he doesn't have a hairdresser, Justin Timberlake joins a growing band of macho males who are eschewing 'boy band hair' (over-shaped and over-fussy) and shaving all their locks off instead.

"I don’t require hair or nail appointments. I actually cut my own hair - that’s why it’s all the same length. I don’t like divas and I don’t want to be one," says the Sexy Back singer. And he's in good company as more and more male celebs get the clippers out - Jim Carrey, Ryan Gosling, John Mayer and even our own David Beckham.

It's a very Prison Break look – and David was a big fan. And you've got to have a good shape to your head to carry it off, so men should trim down in stages to make sure their hair's not hiding a bumpy bonce. Of course, shaven heads mean no more trips to the hairdresser because it's so easy to do at home with a pair of good clippers. We've found the Remington High Precision Designer Short Cut Clipper, £39.99 – it's apparently the world's only curved hair-cutting system and is therefore foolproof, with a brush-shape design that aligns to the shape of your head.

And because it's cordless and 'bi-directional', you can sweep it back and forth with ease. Available from Superdrug and Tesco; call 0800 212438 or visit www.remington.co.uk for your nearest stockist.

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