Bearing gifts for wise men

From fragrant treats to fun stocking fillers, we've got some great gift suggestions for this festive season. There's a new one each day so be sure to check back tomorrow

You can make your man a whole lot wiser about his skin - not to mention sweeter smelling - next year with a selection of good-grooming gifts from House of Fraser.

Among them are Clarins Skin Smoothers, £34, which contains Face Wash, Balm, Shave Gel, Shave Energiser and Skin Difference in a smart washbag.

There's also a choice of two gift sets from YSL, one of which contains L'Homme eau de parfum, 100ml, with a set of cufflinks for £52. The other includes L'Homme eau de toilette, 60ml, and Shower Gel, 100ml, in a snazzy black washbag for £37.

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