Surprise as Doctor Who beats Becks in grooming award

David Tennant is Most Metrosexual Male

Superdrug's poll named David Tennant as the man thought to take the most care of his appearance 

David Beckham's continued absence from our shores must be having an impact on his status as one of – if not the – most image conscious of celebrities.

Because David Tennant has beaten the footballer into second place in a poll to find who Brits think is the most metrosexual man.

With 19 per cent of the vote, the Dr Who actor came top in a survey of 2,500 people conducted by Superdrug to discover who they think takes the most care of their appearance.

Daniel Craig came third, but fourth and fifth positions went to our friends across the Atlantic, with Brad Pitt and Barack Obama settling in under a British top three.

Here's the top ten of metrosexuals in full:

1 David Tennant - 19%
2 David Beckham - 17%
3 Daniel Craig - 16%
4 Brad Pitt - 12%
5 Barack Obama - 11%
6 Vernon Kaye - 10%
7 Tom Cruise - 4%
8 Ashley Cole - 3%
9 Jay-Z - 2%
10 Nicolas Sarkozy - 1%