Instagram star Nick Bateman on grooming, diet and exercise

Nick Bateman is an actor, model, martial arts pro and veritable Instagram star, boasting an incredible 6.4 million followers on the social media channel. Now, the 30-year-old can add another string to his bow - beauty ambassador.

Nick has teamed up with GLAMGLOW, a skincare brand originating from Hollywood that has become known for mud musks that get your skin red-carpet ready in minutes. Nick is an ambassador for the brand and he took time out of his (very!) busy schedule to sit down with us and talk diet, exercise, men's skincare and, of course, Instagram...

What are your top tips for men when it comes to skincare?

Honestly, I'm a minimalistic man so I like to do the least possible when it comes to my daily routine! Having healthy skin comes from the inside so it's important to stay hydrated and have a healthy diet. You also can't beat GLAMGLOW's cult favourite Supermud Clearing Treatment - it helps me look fresh ahead of a shoot or day on set.

Nick has an avid following on Instagram


You're in great shape, what is your diet and exercise routine?

I eat fairly healthy and drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. I tend to eat loads of vegetables and have a high protein diet. I'm pretty good at self-control when it comes to having cheat meals like pizza and burgers, so I usually will only have one "cheat meal" a week - usually over the weekend. I think it's so important to eat in moderation and to stay consistent with your diet. For exercise, I mostly do resistance and weight training in the gym and work out three to four times a week depending on my work schedule.


You have a huge Instagram following, what do you accredit your social media success to?

That's a hard one! I guess I credit my Instagram success to my skill with the bo staff [a martial arts sword]. I think that's the key thing that separates me in the social media eye from other actors and models. I've been training with the bo staff for over 22 years now and whenever I post a video of me doing tricks with it, the video goes pretty viral and I get so much positive feedback about it!


Cloudy Days in LA #BoStaff

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Nick showing off his bo staff skills on Instagram


How do you feel about becoming a brand ambassador for Glamglow?

GLAMGLOW is actually the very first beauty brand I've ever endorsed. I've been approached by several companies over the years regarding a partnership but this was the one that fit organically into my life. Being an ambassador for a skincare company that specialises in products that make your skin look instantly camera-ready is exactly what I need since I'm always on the go. I'm often heading from a photo shoot to the film set and ending my day on the red carpet or at an event so you can imagine the masks and products are regularly incorporated into my weekly skincare routine.


Have you experienced a bad side to social media?

I've been so fortunate with my following and all I have to say are positive things about my followers. They've been so supportive of me, my career, family and friends. I truly am grateful for all of my followers.


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