Ricky Martin shares his top beauty secrets with fans

Ricky, 49, revealed how he keeps his youthful looks

Ricky Martin has revealed his two surprising beauty secrets, and there's not a bottle of serum or lotion in sight.

The singer, who will head out on tour next month with Enrique Iglesias, shared that he relies on ice cubes and meditation to keep himself healthy and his skin youthful.

Ricky, 49, shared that "ice is my best friend" as it "stimulates circulation and circulation is oxygen," and that meditation has become a "salvation" that helps keep him grounded.

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"For many years in my life, life was so crazy being on the road and I was so overwhelmed with what was happening in my life. I started traveling on my own, I went to India, I found meditation, I went deep into meditation and it was my salvation," he said, speaking to Vogue magazine.

"So now with four kids, I'm not going to India as much as I would like to, so what I do is that I wake up early in the morning, I would say at 5:30, 6:00 before all the babies wake up and I find silence.

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"Silence is what's really keeping me grounded. I found this meditation it's called Headspace. Guided meditation is doing a lot for me to be honest. I wish I could be in lotus position for three hours a day, it's not the case, but 15, 20 minutes, half an hour, it really makes a difference."

Ricky, 49, relies on ice and meditation

Ricky is father to four children; twin sons Matteo and Valentino, 12, daughter Lucia, two, and son Renn, one.

Although he prefers to keep his family out of the spotlight, the star does sometimes share rare glimpses into his home life, and he recently delighted fans when he made the most adorable confession about his family life during an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

"[Lucia is] two years old and she knows it. She runs the house," he told Ellen, adding that his daughter was a big fan of the Netflix cartoon, CoComelon, even though she forbade the him from singing the theme tune.

The singer will go back out on tour this September

The children have spent much of their life being on the road with Ricky, and the 49-year-old shared that they first started touring with him eight years ago when the twins were four which has been "amazing".

However, Ricky admitted that the past year was often filled with "anxiety," although his mom joining the family for lockdown helped.

"We were really in lockdown because my mom was with us. We were warm and cozy...sometimes there was anxiety, but we're doing really well. Kids are amazing," he added.

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