Quick fix make-up tips for tired new mums


From Coleen Rooney to Gisele Bundchen, it’s hard to find a celebrity who doesn’t take years to get back into shape and whose complexion bears the telltale signs of sleep deprivation.

But for women in the real world, without celebrity genes, contacts and bank balances, looking your best when you’ve a baby in tow is almost as hard work as the baby.

So here are our quick-fix tips for pepping up a jaded complexion in a jiffy...

When you get chance for a shower, exfoliate – a couple of times a week. It removes dead skin cells which make skin look dry, dull and jaded on top of the pallor created by sleepless nights.

Swap your moisturiser for a tinted foundation. It won’t do the sterling work of a normal foundation in making skin look flawless, but the hydration is desperately needed to keep skin smooth and plump out lines and the foundation content will at least give skin colour and a little coverage.

Concealer is a girl’s best friend when it comes to post-pregnancy skin, to hide the under-eye bags and blemishes that develop when you’re not getting enough sleep (skin is the last organ that the body’s natural defences care about when it’s under fire). Keep one in your handbag so you can dab it on when you have a mo during the day. And choose a solid formulation, which gives greater coverage.

Go for cream blusher which you can just dab on and blend in without a mirror, to give your complexion a little colour which brings your face to life.

Mascara’s too time consuming so, instead, smudge a soft grey or brown eyeliner around both sets of lashes to bring out your eye colour and make eyes look more defined.

Forget lipstick, too – who’s got time for precision when you’ve hardly time to shower. Again, tinted lipbalm can be swished on without a mirror at any time of the day.

As for your hair, dry shampoo is a Godsend to absorb oiliness when you haven’t had time to wash your hair. But it won’t help if you have unruly hair that needs TLC. Get a hat – a Guy Ritchie-style flat cap is timelessly stylish and doesn’t look daft kept on indoors, either.

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