A week by week guide to pregnancy - week 15

In December, St James' Palace made one of the most eagerly anticipated announcements in years with the news that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant.

And since then, all eyes have been on Kate as she embarks on an incredible nine-month journey into motherhood.

With that in mind, Teresa Walsh, Midwife Childbirth Educator 
The Portland Hospital for Women & Children, shares a week-by-week guide to pregnancy with HELLO! Online.

What's happening to your baby? Week 15

By now your baby weighs just under 100grams. Small breathing actions can now be seen on the ultrasound as are swallowing and sucking actions. Some babies are already getting to suck on their thumb. Your baby practices these actions so when he is born he will be able to feed effectively.

What's happening to you? Week 15

Pregnancy hormones continue to work their magic in keeping you and your developing baby healthy.

Oestrogen being produced may be affecting your skin cells and you may develop the mask of pregnancy which can start on your cheeks and extend over your mouth and nose (some women experience this when taking the oral contraceptive pill).

Your energy levels continue to return and it is a time to look at resuming or joining an exercise programme which is suitable for pregnant women. Exercise in pregnancy is recommended for your physical and mental health and wellbeing. You should look for an exercise programme/class that you enjoy and where you will meet other pregnant mums for companionship and support.

The Portland Hospital offers a range of Pregnancy Support Classes and expectant mothers can book to attend classes regardless of whether they are having their baby with the Portland or at another hospital. These include Active Birth Classes, hypnobirthing courses, birth and beyond antenatal.