Modern families: Stars using surrogacy and adoption to fulfill their dream of becoming parents

Just last week, Monica Cruz made headlines when she revealed she had turned to a donor to fulfill her dreams of starting a family.

The Spanish star is just one of a number of famous women who have chosen to take alternative routes on their journey to motherhood, be it through adoption, surrogacy or through the use of a donor.

Super-stylish mums such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Angelina Jolie and Madonna have also found less conventional means to fulfill their dream of having a family.


Monica recently revealed that she decided to seek help through artificial insemination because she feared that by the time she had found her perfect partner it would be 'too late for motherhood'.

And she went public with that decision, in part because she felt 'uneasy' about hiding the manner of the conception, fearing she was helping make it a taboo subject.

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