Pampers UNICEF campaign helps eliminate maternal and newborn Tetanus in 15 countries

The Pampers UNICEF campaign, which is currently in its ninth year, has helped to eliminate Maternal & Newborn Tetanus (MNT) in 15 countries. Celebrity mother-of-two Emma Bunton has partnered with their 1 pack = 1 vaccine campaign to eliminate MNT.

A healthy start in life opens the door to a world of special first-time experiences for a mother and her baby, but there are still millions of babies in the world at risk of never experiencing theirs, because of the continued danger posed by MNT.

With Pampers' support, great progress has been made by UNICEF in the fight against MNT. Since the campaign began in 2006, Pampers has donated fund for 300 million vaccines, and has been helping 100 million parents celebrate their babies' first moments. They have helped eliminate the disease in 15 countries, five more since the 2013 campaign.

"I recently visited Madagascar where they announced the elimination of Maternal & Newborn Tetanus in June this year," said Emma. "To see the direct impact Pampers’ funding has had on the lives of real people in the community that benefitted from the vaccination programme."

"As a mum of two myself, I have been lucky enough to enjoy lots of special moments with my little ones," she added. "My experience in Madagascar reminded me that there are still plenty of mums and dads that need our help to give their little ones a healthy start in life."

Pampers and UNICEF are inviting parents to join together and support their campaign, to help parents all around the world celebrate their babies' first moments too.





1 View = 1 Life-Saving Vaccine / 1 Share = 1 Life-Saving Vaccine

During October – December 2014, you can help Pampers and UNICEF protect women of childbearing age and pregnant women in the developing world against tetanus simply by watching our online films that celebrate the first-time moments of babies everywhere, many of them made possible by a healthy start in life. Watch a video and we will donate one vaccine. Share it with your friends and we will donate a second. Upload to our Facebook page a photo of your baby experiencing their first special moments - whether that’s cuddles, smiles or tastes - and we will donate a third life-saving vaccine.

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