Giovanna Fletcher reveals waters broke during McFly dinner - but she stayed to finish steak

Giovanna Fletcher has opened up about the moment she started to give birth to her second son Buddy. Appearing on Thursday's Loose Women, the 32-year-old revealed that she was having dinner with her husband Tom Fletcher and his bandmates at the time. "It was Danny Jones' birthday and we were having a swanky dinner at a steak restaurant," she explained. Despite the urgency of the situation, the mother-of-two - who is busy promoting her new book, Happy Mum Happy Baby - went on to confess that she stayed behind and continued to enjoy her meal. "I went to the loo and said I think my waters may have broken," she added. "But I stayed and had my steak!"

Giovanna's appearance comes one day after she talked about suffering a miscarriage during her first pregnancy. The author, who has two sons with her husband, made the revelation during a live interview on BUILD. The TV personality explained: "I fell pregnant very quickly and I had this thing in my head that it was just too easy. After being worried for so long that it wouldn't be easy it just happened. And then I miscarried not long after that and I think part of me felt that would happen, because I felt that it was too easy. Because I felt that I hadn't earned it. If that didn't happen I wouldn't have Buzz and Buzz will forever be my silver lining."

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Giovanna admitted: "When it comes to miscarriage I think we're all too scared to say something. I felt like I could never say anything to friends because people feel like it's contagious." She added: "It's a really rubbish thing that happens and it happens to so many people. All you really want in that moment is a hug. You feel like your body has failed you and that's your first experience as a mother."

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After tying the knot in 2012, in a wedding exclusively covered by HELLO! magazine, Tom and Giovanna welcomed their first son Buzz in 2014 and then their second child Buddy in February 2016. Writing in her HELLO! blog, the TV star recently opened up about the struggles she faces as a working mother. "I'm lucky that I work from home that I can get on with tasks when the boys go to sleep at night and that I love every single part of my hard-to-pinpoint-exactly-what-I-do job," she shared. "That being said, I've been in desperate need for some family time. Not me time. Family time. For me, they are one and the same thing – providing Tom has let me have a lie in every now and then to make up for the sleepless nights that having two delicious mummy's boys has given me."

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