Kimberley Walsh hints son Bobby will follow in her footsteps

Kimberley Walsh has hinted that her eldest son Bobby is likely to follow in her footsteps when he grows up. Speaking exclusively to HELLO!'s Editor-in-Chief Rosie Nixon from the Facebook office in London on Monday morning, the former Girls Aloud singer - who shares two-year-old Bobby and three-month-old Cole with husband Justin Scott - revealed her passion for singing has rubbed off on her little boy. "He's at this stage where he keeps singing everything back to me," she shared. "I think he must get it from me, I sing all the time. The other day, I was singing to him as I tried to wake him up from his nap and he sang back 'I'm here, I'm here'. I was thinking, 'What am I doing to my poor child?' But we are a very musical family."

Kimberley, 35, confessed that her son also loves to be the centre of attention. "Honestly everyone who meets him says, there's no way he won't go in that industry," she added. "He's very outgoing but I have noticed more and more with more children coming into the mix that he's a bit of an attention-seeker. He definitely likes it to be on him, I noticed when the attention goes onto my nephews, he's sort of like, 'How can I bring this back on to me? Oh I'll do another song and show them'."

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When asked if he's learnt any Girls Aloud songs, the mother-of-two replied: "He's so not interested. I'll show him things every now and then - he's just not fazed by it at all or he's just like, 'Oh that's just mummy'. I guess it might come to him later - maybe! Sometimes he'll watch my Strictly videos and he'll say, 'Who's that? Why's that not daddy?' And he's just not happy about it. Because he's into some of that, I think he will be interested in it [in the future]."

Kimberley Walsh has hinted that son Bobby will follow in her footsteps

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The singer welcomed her second child Cole in December, just one month before she celebrated her first wedding anniversary with husband Justin. Asked how she decided upon her sons' names, she revealed: "I found it hard. Funnily enough, I had the name Cole [in mind] when I had Bobby. But I had a few options and he just suited Bobby, I'm not sure whether it was the blonde hair and blue eyes - it was just him. Then when Cole was born with the dark hair and darker skin, for some reason it just made sense. But it is hard because you are giving them a name for life, there's a lot of responsibility."

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