Should Beyoncé let her daughter Blue Ivy watch her give birth?

The couple are expecting their twins any day now

It has been widely speculated that Beyoncé and Jay Z are planning to let their five-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, watch the singer give birth to their twins - who are due any day. Beyoncé, 35, reportedly wants to ensure that her eldest child is very much a part of the babies' lives from the very start in order to curb any jealousy. The alleged decision has divided parents across the world, with one Twitter follower remarking: "I don't think so, just in case there needs to be something done in an emergency. Children aren't particularly good with panic x." Another shared: "Doesn't that traumatize a kid her age for life?"

Beyoncé is reportedly letting Blue Ivy be present at the birth of her twins

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Although many might think it's an unusual decision, Beyoncé and Jay Z are not the only celebrity parents who have allowed older siblings watch the birthing process. In 2016, Jamie Oliver revealed that his eldest daughters were allowed to watch their mother Jools give birth to their fifth child, River Rocket. Alongside a picture, the TV chef shared: "He arrived safely. Mum … was really really amazing, unbelievably composed, natural birth and my two eldest girls got to come in at the very end as the baby was born which was amazing to witness. Very, very emotional."

Beyoncé and Jay Z are due to welcome twins

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Jamie, 42, defended his decision to let his daughters be in the birthing room. He told Good Housekeeping: "It's only controversial to really strange people! Different countries have different habits. It was an idea from mum and the kids, and we gave it lots of thought. As soon as the baby was out and safe, we got the nod - Poppy cut the umbilical cord." He added: "To see my two teenagers watch their mum was extraordinary. It was the right age for them, the right scenario for us, and I witnessed their initial raw emotion as the little one was handed to them. I know they respect their mum now even more than they already did. It was an amazing show of strength."

Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools let their eldest daughters in the birthing room

Even though childbirth is a family experience, National Childbirth Trust (NCT) have revealed parents should be prepared when it comes to having children present. "A child of any age will need some preparation for the experience. No matter how wonderful it can be to watch their sibling being born, it can also be a confronting experience for a child to see their mother in pain or losing blood," a NCT spokesperson previously told BBC. They added: "Having another trusted adult - such as a grandparent - present or very nearby is important so that if the child gets upset, changes their mind or complications arise then they can leave quickly."

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