Tom Fletcher and Giovanna Fletcher

Did Tom Fletcher just reveal his baby's name? - video

Tom Fletcher revealed that are they changing tradition with the baby name

Emmy Griffiths

Tom and Giovanna Fletcher still have a few months before welcoming baby number three, and the McFly band member chatted to HELLO! at the NHS Heroes Awards with his band mate, Harry Judd, about trying not to find out the gender, and gave a few hints about their choice of baby name. "We're not finding out – it's a nice surprise to get on the day," he said. "Harry had it written on an envelope on his house – that's so tempting. I couldn't do that. I would have caved and looked." He added that they had been discussing new baby names, and revealed that it might not begin with a 'B', unlike their first two, Buzz and Buddy. He explained: "Last night Gi came up with a couple of new suggestions that haven't been on the list, they are top of the list now. When it comes to your third you think over the names you didn't use for the other two. Everyone is suggesting 'B' names, there were two last night that aren't 'B' names." Watch the video here…

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