The new anti-ageing product that promises instant results

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As soon as the first signs of ageing hit, we start our search for skincare that promises to turn back the clock. So where to start? The beauty market is rife with anti-ageing creams – but most require long-term use in order to see results.

Cue WUNDERLIFT, a new breakthrough eye wrinkle-reducing serum launched by the creators of hit eyebrow product WUNDERBROW.

WUNDERLIFT, voted top pick within Beauty Finds in Boots stores nationwide, tackles crow's feet, dark circles and wrinkles with immediate results. Even more encouraging is the fact that with repeated use, WUNDERLIFT can have long-lasting results.


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So what is WUNDERLIFT’s secret to youthful skin? Exclusive Flex-Tensor technology is used to firm the skin, along with a combination of colour correctors to eliminate the appearance of dark, under-eye circles. Perfect for the time-conscious - no need for a separate eye cream and concealer.

Although the effects of WUNDERLIFT are immediate, it still leaves the skin looking natural by penetrating the surface of the skin, plumping and filling it from within. Another super-acting ingredient in WUNDERLIFT is Retinol, a powerful and well know fighter of age. It is a natural form of Vitamin A and can re-texturize skin and dramatically reduce wrinkles.


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Before WUNDERLIFT (left) After WUNDERLIFT (right)


To achieve a youthful ‘WUNDERLIFT-ed’ look it is essential to apply to clean, bare skin – this means as a first step before your usual makeup routine. Simply squeeze a small pea-sized amount on your index finger and gently apply onto the area using soft, sweeping motions. Apply evenly to all areas you want to correct where fine lines are visible – even around the mouth. Within 60 seconds you will begin to feel a temporary tightening feeling, which disappears leaving you with smooth, youthful looking skin.

During extensive clinical studies executed by an internationally renowned laboratory, 100% of participants said that WUNDERLIFT firmed and smoothed - making their skin look years younger!

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