How to master the art of seduction with DKNY's new fragrance Be Tempted

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Seduction is an art form, and thanks to DKNY's sensual new fragrance Be Tempted, you can have the power to lure those you desire. This tantalising scent perfectly captures the essence of seduction and how the first flurry of temptation can be irresistible.

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Seduction is an art form; master it and the world is yours, with the power to lure those you desire to Be Tempted.

We caught up with seduction expert Jean Smith, a social and cultural anthropologist who specialises in the psychology of flirting, to give us an insight into how you can channel the lure of seduction and fulfil your desires.

"Seduction is acting with the intent to trigger admiration or arouse desire in others," explains the founder of Flirtology, who offers courses on attracting and enticing members of the opposite sex.

Let your senses Be Tempted and learn how to harness the power of desire…



"The purpose of temptation is to arouse desire in others – to want them to want something and be thrilled at the thought of trying to get it," reveals Jean. "Our sense of smell is one of our most primal senses – it matches us with those who we find attractive. A pleasing scent gets attention and makes people want to get closer." No better reason to choose the intoxicating fragrance of Be Tempted…


Never underestimate the power of perfume. An individual’s choice of scent says a lot about who they are. "It's a matching mechanism," explains Jean. This powerful and fruity fragrance is ideal – it has top notes of blackcurrant bud, lemon, apple and orange flower, luxurious rose oil and exotic patchouli at its very heart.


The path to pleasure is alluring in itself. "Temptation is wanting something, but feeling a bit naughty about trying to get it," says Jean. "Why not give in to that temptation? The pleasure factor may well be worth it."



We're loving the playfully provocative bottle that's sure to make your beauty shelf brighter, redder and sexier. "When we are aroused, parts of our body change colour as they increase the blood flow, such as the cheeks," explains Jean. "That’s why red is such a sexy colour."


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