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HELLO's skincare choice for glowing skin all year round!

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Laura Sutcliffe

Beauty, as we all know, starts with good skin. And in order to achieve fresh, clear skin with a year-round glow, it’s imperative to rid our faces of all the impurities that are caused by day-to-day living. To make sure our skin texture is as smooth as can be, and that our pores are sparklingly clear, it’s important to take the time to treat our skin well from the inside and the outside. Hydration and using great products are key to achieving perfect skin. But the use of high-quality beauty tools is another vital step.

As a beauty writer, I am presented with a magnitude of new products and ideas each week from a host of brilliant brands, and I had heard lots of positive things about LUNA 2 by FOREO. After testing it out, I have been blown away by the benefits of this facial cleansing brush, and have started using it as part of my daily skin care routine.

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Every time I use it, I feel like I've had a top-notch facial – it improves my skin's overall texture almost instantly. Perfect, glowing skin has become an achievable aim, even in this colder weather.


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The LUNA 2 is essentially, a facial cleansing brush, in a handy, transportable pocket-sized form. It offers a deep working facial that is both vigorous, yet gentle on the skin due to the powerful motor in 12 adjustable T-Sonic pulsations.It has dual uses: a cleansing tone, which focuses on eliminating impurities, targeting any ongoing skin problems like large pores or bad skin. It also has an anti-aging mode, which smooths and firms the skin decreasing the appearance of wrinkles.

It takes just 2 minutes a day to get glowing skin all year long

This oval-shaped device, boasts a silicone brush head that houses a set of bristles to work with the skin, not against it. I have combination skin, so it made sense for me to use the 'combination' brush, but there’s a brush head for every skin type: sensitive, normal, and oily. The brush has a flexible head, which is slightly curved, allowing it to work with the contours of your face effectively. This makes the actual act of cleansing more precise, as no part of the face is left without care.

The ingenious device is simple to use and works quickly, so it’s perfect for people constantly on the go like me.


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How I use my LUNA 2 facial cleansing brush

Firstly, I remove all traces of make-up. Then, I dampen my face and apply face wash, but instead of rubbing in the product manually, I turn to my LUNA 2.

I carefully dampen the head and switch it on, using the centre button. As it starts to pulsate I gently glide it across my chin, cheeks, forehead, nose (focusing on those open pores), and lastly under the eyes, taking special care as it’s the most sensitive area. I tend to use upward strokes, and spend around 15 seconds on each part of the face, the entire cleanse is done in under two minutes!

This whole process removes a whopping 99.5% of dirt and oil, not to mention dead skin cells and any lingering make-up residue. Plus, I always find my make-up applies much better after using the LUNA 2; my skin absorbs foundation really well as the skin’s surface is clean, clear and supple.

If I want to use the anti-ageing feature, (which is great for prevention, even if you don't suffer with wrinkles yet) I simply activate that mode, which generates a slightly lower frequency. I gently work areas where fine lines develop, including the region between my eyebrows, and my laughter lines. I spend slightly less time with this than on the cleansing - around 12 seconds for each area. After using this setting, my pores feel tighter, and my skin's surface is instantly smoother.


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Overall, the pragmatic design of the product is probably what impressed me the most. The advantages of a silicone brush are that it is much gentler than other more abrasive nylon brushes on the market, and much more hygienic as it resists the build-up of bacteria. Moreover, it is fantastic investment as you’ll never need to replace the brush head, and you get an enormous 450 uses with a single battery charge – great for the environment and your pocket! And every product has an amazing 10-year FOREO Quality Guarantee.

I would thoroughly recommend this facial brush. It is so simple, yet produces such amazing cleansing results. The daily ritual is both enjoyable and beneficial; the vibrations are relaxing and the skin benefits impressive: my skin is glowing and looks so healthy. I no longer have large pores after just a few weeks’ use, and I get fewer black heads, which is always a blessing!

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