Denise Van Outen has never looked or felt better - find out her secret

Denise Van Outen is looking and feeling better than ever – discover her secret

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Sophie Vokes-Dudgeon

Denise Van Outen is about to undertake an enormous adventure – a 52-mile trek through the Himalayas. It’s enough to make us feel exhausted, but the 42-year-old mum of one has never felt (or looked) better. She’s been in training with her pal Lydia Bright for this adventure, but she has also revealed in an exclusive Facebook Live with HELLO!, that she has a secret weapon in her feel-good arsenal.

The TV presenter and fan favourite takes great care of herself. She’s bringing her seven-year-old daughter Betsy up to be as healthy and active as possible. But on top of a healthy lifestyle, Denise has been taking the anti-aging supplement Lumity, and says the capsules, which are taken at night to aid sleep, and in the morning to give your day a kickstart, have revolutionised her energy and had some welcome beauty side effects too. “I definitely take care of myself now that I’m older,” Denise revealed. “I’ve got a daughter, I’m doing school runs, I’m working, I’m training, so a typical day for me will be up at 6am, having a really healthy breakfast, and I’m a big fan of the product Lumity.

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“I take their tablets because I’ve come to realise as I got older that it’s about taking care of yourself from the inside rather than the outside. [It’s great to have] a supplement that levels your hormones and gives you all the nutrients you need throughout the day, to keep your energy levels up.”

Denise is joining the likes of Cheryl, Helena Christensen and Rebecca Adlington who are all firm fans of the supplement. Like most busy working mums, Denise used to find her energy dipped in the afternoon and she’d end up scoffing on sweet things or taking mid-day naps. Now she’s focused on helping her body work as effectively as it can, her patterns have changed.

“I realise I don’t really need to do that so long as I’m preparing myself from when I get up to when I go to bed,” she said. “And in the evening, I’m so busy I need to unwind, so I need something to help me go to sleep - just to calm me and work while I’m sleeping. For me that’s why it’s such a great product. I feel like my hair is healthier, my skin is better, I’ve got a spring in my step I feel like literally I could climb a mountain.”


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It’s a good job she feels that way since there are some huge mountains in her very near future! HELLO! caught up with Denise and Lydia as they did some last-minute training sessions at the Champney’s spa in Tring and discovered how much hard work they’d been putting into their preparation.

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“We've been training for two months. I exercise regularly but with nine-hour-a-day walks ahead of us, we really need to build up our strength and stamina,” Denise said. Lydia added: "This is the fittest I've ever been. I've never taken my foot off the pedal when it comes to working out, but over the past eight weeks I've been cranking it up and going to the gym as much as possible. Now I really feel that I'm in the best shape ever, so bring it on."


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Raising money and awareness for brain cancer research is all the incentive Denise needed to commit to such an amazing challenge. “When I became a mum everything changed for me,” she explained. “ In my 20s and 30s I was very career focused but when I became a mum at 35 I decided I wanted to see the world and help other people - having a child makes you appreciate yourself, your family and friends, and seeing what other families go through who aren’t as lucky as you.”

HELLO! will be following Denise’s trek every step of the way and Lumity has been delighted support the amazing challenge. Lumity is giving HELLO! readers a 20% discount on single orders or your first box of supplements on subscription. Use the code HELLO20.

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