Want to shape up for Christmas? HELLO! road tests the drink that will get you LBD ready

In partnership with Almased®

Here at HELLO! we're always looking for new ways to shape up healthily, so with Christmas fast approaching we were interested to hear about Germany's #1 meal replacement drink that would leave us looking and feeling our best come party season. Almased® is a scientifically proven weight loss product that uses a low-GI blend of natural ingredients, so no plummeting blood sugar levels or relentless hunger, but instead a fast-track to healthy, sustainable weight loss.

HELLO!'s News Editor Laura Benjamin put the drink to the test, and was impressed with the results to say the least. Explaining that she used Almased® as a way to boost her efforts in the gym, Laura said she was surprised by how she felt after consuming the shakes.

"I was pleased and pleasantly surprised. I found the first few days hard but when you get used to it, it's good. I found it easier once you could start eating at lunch, but really the fact that it's so convenient is a massive bonus. You start to see results very quickly as well which is really good for your motivation," Laura said.

Watch our video as we discuss recipes, success stories and FAQS live with Almased®'s nutritionist!

"I don't tend to weigh myself but my clothes are looser. You feel better, you've got more energy and you don't feel so sluggish, which can happen after you've had a sugar rush or too many carbohydrates."

So what is it about the product that makes it so effective? Almased® is made from raw, natural ingredients for one – simply soya, yogurt and enzyme-rich honey. And unlike other shakes which are high-GI and can cause a spike and subsequent crash in your blood sugar levels, this formula contains the perfect balance of carbohydrates and protein which will ensure you're getting all the nutrients you need.

To make the shake, add 5 heaped tablespoons of Almased® powder to 200-350ml of water or 200ml of low-fat milk. You can then add two teaspoons of essential oil, either olive, flaxseed, rapeseed or walnut. The inclusion of oil is optional, but it can ensure you obtain the omega-3 fatty acids and also aids the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Mix using Almased®'s shaker or a blender bottle until it has a smooth consistency.

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Alternatively, there are a number of recipes that add different fruits, nut milks, spices and even cacao powder, to ensure your shake is always full of flavour. Click here to visit Almased®'s website to find out why this shake could be the secret to healthy weight loss, read some of their many success stories and browse through their recipe suggestions. We've listed our favourites below!

Blue Wonder

50g blueberries + 100ml low-fat milk + 100ml kefir + 1 tsp of vanilla extract + 50g of Almased®! Total kcal: 355 approx.

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Coffee Chocolate Cocktail

200 ml milk + 1 tbsp natural yoghurt + 1/2 cup of cold coffee + 2 tsp of walnut oil + 1 tsp of grated dark chocolate (70%) + 50g of Almased®. Total kcal: 370 approx.

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A Nutty Shake

200 ml milk (we recommend unsweetened Almond milk!) + 2 tsp walnut oil + 1 tbsp walnuts + 50g of Almased®. Total kcal: 360 approx.

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