12 perfect gifts for a new mum

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Stephanie Lowe

If you’re visiting a new mum take a gift that’s just for her, she’ll thank you for it. It's easy for everything to be all about the baby when you visit a new mum to meet her bundle of joy for the first time. But talking from experience, when it comes to gifts there's nothing that will be remembered more than a thoughtful present that is all about the new mum herself. And with the sleep deprivation and all the changes she's going through, there's no doubt she deserves it.

We’re not saying ignore the baby, pressies for the little one will always be welcome. But chances are that this little bubba will have been truly spoiled before they were even born – so when you’re visiting a new mum it's a great idea to take a gift that’s just for her.

But what to pick? Whether it's something practical to make her life as a new mum simpler, or extravagant and pretty because she has earned a treat, here's our pick of the top 12 gifts any new mum would be delighted to receive.



And if you turn up to deliver it with a home made meal, and offer to hold the baby while she eats it, we guarantee your efforts will be remembered for years to come!


1. Luxurious hand cream

With a newborn baby in the house disinfecting and cleaning will be pretty much constant – whether it’s her hands, bottles, dummies or onesies - it seems never ending and can really leave hands dry and chapped. So, treat the new mum in your life to some hard working but fancy I’d-never-buy-it-myself hand cream.


2. A notebook & pen

The perfect gift to jot down everyday notes that are easily forgotten in the new-mum-fog. Go for a personalised finish for an extra special touch so she can record sweet moments as they happen or, you know, just write the shopping list.



3. TV subscription

New mums are going to need to rest… a lot of rest. Plus, there are going to be long stretches when she’s at home on her own, so a box set TV subscription will give her plenty to watch while feeding through the day and night.


4. Free takeaway

Get your felt tips out and fashion a homemade voucher for one free takeaway on you. All they have to do is call you to make the order happen and you get it sent over. Perfect for those nights when cooking just isn’t going to happen.


5. Stylish charm bracelet

Subtle and stylish, jewellery is always a thoughtful way to mark a new baby's birth - and charms make the gift all the more personal. The best thing about this simple and elegant silver Pandora bracelet is that new charms can be added throughout the baby’s life. For the birth, this pretty Pandora baby pram charm works… erm, a charm.



6. Dry shampoo

Grab a basket and fill with as many short-cut beauty secrets as you can. Perfect for the days when a shower just ISN’T going to make the to-do list.


7. Snack up

Box up a week’s worth of delicious snacks for mum to munch on during those long feeding sessions. A whole heap of pressure lifted, and one less thing to forget to put on the shopping list.



8. H2-oh thanks

We’re talking a top-notch water bottle - easy grip, anti-leak,one-hand lockable and with a straw. Because it's hard enough to remember to drink water as it is, let alone once a newborn is in the mix and your hands are constantly full.


9. Hard core lip balm

New mums need all the TLC they can get, and lips tend to be forgotten about until they’re chapped and sore. Go for a one handed squeezy tube to take care of a dry, parched pout.


10. Nappies

Sort your new mum friend out with a month's supply of nappies or a hoard of baby wipes. They'll be inexpensive gifts from your end but really take a load off the newly stretched finances - mums will always need wet wipes and nappies. Always.



11. Something sparkly

This beautiful Pandora necklace would be a lovely gift representing the start of their new family tree. Maybe take a pack of tissues, as there might tears of emotional joy when this pressie is opened.


12. Pretty PJs

Taking care of a newborn involves a lot of snuggling in bed and lying on the sofa. Give her some soft, stretchy loungewear and she can do it in style – and not be mortified when visitors come a-calling.

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