6 reasons why your kids will look better than you on holiday

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Sun, sea, sand… and style. Whether you’re just popping to the corner shop or on your holidays, when it comes to your kids they always look so much better than you. Why? Because you’re a parent and that’s what parents do, put kids first. Plus, little ones are like the family ambassadors, it’s OK for you to pull out the tired faded swimsuit year after year, but the little ones flaunt the fashion flag for the whole family. But, it’s not always the wardrobe that makes them look better than you. Nope, it's more likely to be their total disregard for what anyone else thinks about them or what they’re doing. They're fiercely confident and this is a trait us adults love and want... just a little bit.


Six reasons your kids look better than you on holiday


1. They don’t care about other peoples’ opinions

While you hide fully-clothed under the umbrella they’re running, jumping and having fun without a care in the world. It’s hard to undo years of self-consciousness from that Year 9 school trip to the beach where you flashed everyone when your bikini top was ripped off by waves.

2. They’re all glowy

Because you’ll never forget to slather factor 50 on them it means they have a barely there tan. And, while it’s not big or clever, there is always, ALWAYS a bit we miss when applying factor ourselves and end up with a pink patch as evidence.

3. Floppy hats on little heads are cute (and stylish)

But floppy hats on big heads are... well, just another annoying thing to tote around, along with the arm bands, inflatable flamingo, bucket and spade, water bottles, sun cream, towels, snacks, that-book-you’ve-wanted-to-read-for-ages-but-probably-won’t-get-to.

4. Mini accessories are super sweet

These adorable Childrensalon swan sunnies are so stylish. Black plastic sunglasses - with a stubborn bit of sticker on the right lense - grabbed last minute from the petrol station, because you forgot to pack yours, just don’t scream stylish.

5. They can get away with matching outfits

This is less cute for you and your husband. Who really wants to match the Mister’s 12-year old slightly see-through speedos with the faded palm tree print? Plus, these Childrensalon bright and brilliant swimwear are not only stylish, they’re great for spotting your little ones from a distance.

6. Smiles for miles

Kids have an adorable way of just smiling and laughing all the time - probably because they’re not worrying about drowning, sunburn, where to eat, what to eat, mosquito bites, the flight home, the washing pile when you get home, the jet lag… the list is endless. But they’re smiling, so it’s all worth it right?

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