8 ways to tell you've found your best friend

In partnership with Jo Loves

Whether you’ve exchanged ‘best friends forever’ necklaces or have matching tattoos, you and your best friend are there for each other through the good, the bad and the ugly. But, as you get older and go through life and all the experiences it throws at you – marriage, babies, divorces, illness - your relationship dynamic can shift. But here’s how you know that your bestie is a keeper, in it for the long haul, your soulmate.

1. They are your cheerleader

They make the wine-induced-lets-go-into-business-together idea that you have at 1 am seem utterly feasible. In fact, they’ll have you signed up to Dragon’s Den before you’re even on stage one of the morning-after hangover.

2. They’re the first person you call 

They're on speed dial when something, anything, happens. From sad news, and bad news and everything in between, you find yourself calling your bestie ASAP to explain exactly what happened word for word.


3. Equally, you can go days without talking

But when you do, it’s like no time has passed at all and you still finish each others…. sentences.

4. They are brutally honest with you

Even if you didn't ask for their opinion, they tell you how it is, whether you like it or not and that puts everything into perspective.

5. They’ll back you all the way

Flew off the handle, and told your boss exactly what you thought of them? They’ve got your back, even when you both know you’re in the wrong, talking you through it with soothing promises of lighting a candle, drawing a bath and enjoying all the wine – after all, it is what it is.

6. They’ll make you smile even when you want to cry

Going through a break-up? Had a bad day at work? They’ll always be there with a shoulder to cry on and a new comedy to recommend.


7. You’re always in sync

And yes, that might be because you practiced dance routines from very early on in your friendship, but that synchronicity has morphed across into most areas in your life. They eat the gherkins out of your burgers, you take the strawberry cremes from their box of chocolates. See, in sync.

8. You make sure that birthdays are always special for each other

You may not be able to buy that multimillion-pound dream cottage just yet but when it comes to their birthday you’ve got it covered. Nothing says I want to spend the rest of my days enjoying a bottomless brunch and sharing memes with you than a personalised, three-layered scented candle.

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