12 reasons we LOVE autumn

In partnership with Jo Loves

Autumn is a deliciously crisp and cool, blue-sky time of year. The season of crunchy leaves and golden sunlight, a time for scarves and boots. Not to mention, the first time in months that you’re safe from a weekend BBQ of awkward small talk and warm wine. Instead, autumn brings you tasty flavoured coffees, gloriously scented candles, cosy bed socks, and brand new TV dramas. There really is nothing not to love about autumn.

1. Open fires in pubs

Just as trying to find the best beer garden is important in summer, finding that perfectly positioned seat by an open fire is the same in autumn. You don’t want to be so close you’re literally roasting, but you do want a warm, soft glow while you play board games and drink red wine.


2. Crunchy leaves

Hands up who channels their playful side when it comes to crunchy leaves? Going out of your way to find the biggest pile to kick through? We thought as much, us too.

3. The colours

Yes, the breath-taking golds and reds of the fallen leaves, but also all the beautiful berry and jewel colours that you get in nail polish, jumpers and scarves - the plush purples and deep teals. Love, love, love.


4. Flavoured coffee

For those of us who like the sweeter side of coffee, autumn is the time when ALL the flavours come out to play! From pumpkin to gingerbread, and cinnamon to caramel toffee, delicious.

5. Freshly lit candles

Drawing the curtains and lighting a candle - curled up on the sofa, autumnal evenings lend themselves to the soft lighting of a candle… or two.



6. Time to yourself

In lighter, sunnier months it’s all about al fresco and socialising. As the nights draw in it’s more about investing in you. Enjoying time to yourself with soft-lit lamps and lots of blankets.

7. Cosy knits

ALL the knitwear, light and layered, cosy and chunky, over dresses, worn with jeans - oh, the comfy (and stylish) possibilities are endless.


8. Indulgent baths

Relaxed nights in reading a good book in the bath, with a Jo Loves Friendship candle filling the room with a fine but subtle fragrance - winning at life.

9. Loads of new TV!

Autumn really is the ultimate season for TV. After summer social burnout what’s better than settling down with a cuppa and tuning into all the new dramas, thrillers, comedies. And from September onwards new shows are set to flood our screens.

10. Bonfire night

Boots, hats, scarves, gloves, sparklers and colourful fireworks - recorded on your phone that you’ll never ever watch again - that folks, is bonfire night. And we can’t wait.


11. Roast dinners

Now the mercury has plummeted spending time in a hot kitchen with a roasting oven is perfect. So long salads and BBQ burgers, hello roast potatoes and Yorkshire puds.

12. JOMO

Thankfully, slinking straight home after work with no ‘but it's such a nice day’ guilt is OK, there are no expectations on us. You can go home and revel in the Joy Of Missing Out.

Autumn is the perfect time to gift (to a friend or yourself!) a Jo Loves x HELLO! Friendship candle. The luxury layered scented candle, inspired by Friendship, offers personalisation too. As the candle burns, there are three incredible-smelling floral layers, Tahitian gardenia blends into orange blossom, finishing with a soft scent of tuberose. Matches at the ready!

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