7 Ways to take your self-care routine to the next level

In partnership with Molton Brown

Arianna Chatzidakis

Good health isn’t only attributed to what you do physically – it’s also about how you look after your emotional and mental wellbeing. While we’re all strapped for time, a simple weekly self-care routine can help you implement some small but mighty changes that will improve your moods and headspace. So, what are you waiting for? Discover how to kickstart your routine with our top tips…

1. Ditch the alarm in the morning

Waking up to a loud alarm clock can subconsciously release the stress hormone cortisol and set you up in poor stead for the day ahead. For a more peaceful wake-up call, invest in a sunrise alarm clock, which is a type of clock that slowly emits light to wake you up in the morning. The benefit of this is that it means you’re not suddenly startled awake by a noisy alarm, so you’ll be more relaxed during the day.


2. Use fragrance as a mood enhancer

Fragrance has long been known to calm the mind and body, and certain scents can actually help you fall into a relaxed state. Often, during a yoga class or meditation session, aromatherapy scents in the room are used to help set the mood, and you can replicate this experience at home by scenting yourself or your space with a fragrance that you associate with comfort and calmness. Our go-to scent to escape life’s stresses and evoke a moment of calm is the Molton Brown Eau de Parfum. Lively top notes of pear and peach balance heartening white cedarwood, meeting a creamy base of spicy tonka bean and the nostalgic scent of milk.

3. Set social media boundaries

Constantly being connected to your phone and social media can wreak havoc with your wellbeing. That’s why one of the most important steps in your self-care routine is setting some well-established social media boundaries. Most mobile phones give you the option of setting time limits on certain apps like Instagram, Facebook and your mailbox, so that you’re only able to access them during specific hours of the day, or for a certain amount of time per day. 

4. Make your home a self-care haven

Especially after a stressful day at work, unwinding in a tranquil environment can do wonders for your mind and body. Simple home décor switches can easily transform your place into a more comforting space. Displaying photos of family and friends around your home can help to boost your mood, as you’ll be constantly reminded of happy memories. Or add a few plush blankets and cushions to your sofa area to create a corner of your home where you can de-stress and feel cocooned.

Similarly, a relaxing candle, like the new Molton Brown Milk Musk Single Wick Candle, will help you unwind as well as complement your home interior. Encased in a beautiful ceramic vessel, encircled in 22 carat gold print, the Milk Musk Single Wick Candle comes guarantees to create a soothing mood -  the dreamy living room addition we all need.

5. Indulge in a weekly bath

Mix up your shower routine by making time to have a relaxing bath at least once a week. Set the scene with ambient lighting, candles and luxurious body products. Our current favourites are the new Molton Brown Milk Musk Bath & Shower Gel and Body Lotion.


6. Streamline your social life

Learning to say no to things that don’t serve you allows you to reclaim back precious time for yourself. If you’ve been invited out with friends, but don’t fancy a mid-week meet-up, be honest and say you would prefer to relax this week. With more time in your schedule, you’ll be able to focus on doing things that you enjoy, whether that be an exercise class, bingeing on a new TV show or just chilling on the sofa!

7. Make reading an essential part of your day

Getting lost in a book is an easy way to relax and escape from your everyday stresses. Achieve total serenity by dedicating a short amount of time each day to reading, whether that be during your journey to work, during your lunch-break, or before bed.

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