Everything to know about medical grade skincare brand AlumierMD

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Fact: glowing skin is in, and it seems like everyone is on a mission to get it. One brand in particular – AlumierMD - is known for its ability to transform even the dullest and most blemish-prone skin into something truly magical. Skincare addicts, you'll want to find out everything there is to know about AlumierMD...

What is AlumierMD?

AlumierMD is a medical grade skincare brand taking the skincare industry by storm. Combining the perfect mixture of science-based, high-performing ingredients with quality, sustainable packaging and an individualised approach to each client’s skincare journey, AlumierMD is the brand you’ll want in your bathroom cabinet, trust us.

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Is AlumierMD medical grade and why do I need to use medical grade skincare?

Yep! All of AlumierMD’s products are medical grade – that’s what makes them so special. They're exclusively dispensed by medical and aesthetic practioners in skin clinics, meaning that they are sold only by professionals who really, truly understand what the products are doing for your skin and how to build a customised skincare routine, just for you, ensuring visible and long-lasting results. 

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By definition, medical grade skincare is formulated with clinically validated percentages of active ingredients which are well documented by scientific studies to have a positive impact on your skin. This means you may well see the results you have always craved in as little as six to eight weeks. Wow!

Is AlumierMD cruelty-free?

Totally! The brand doesn't test products on animals, the formulations are reef safe and their ingredients are sustainably sourced, which we love. From recyclable packaging to working with like-minded suppliers who use ethical animal, human and environmental practices, AlumierMD works hard to ensure that their commitment to sustainability is never compromised.

Are AlumierMD products ‘clean’?

‘Clean’ skincare products are having a bit of a moment, and knowing what that really means, or if it’s anything more than just marketing tactics, can be tough. For AlumierMD, being honest and transparent with skincare users about the ingredients in their products and the reason why they use them has always been in style. For example, artificial fragrances, parabens, artificial dyes, sulphates, phthalates and chemical sunscreen filters have all been rejected by AlumierMD’s scientific committee and chemists. So, you can rest assured that any skincare products you use from the brand have been made with the highest quality of ingredients, at the right concentrations and with their clients' safety in mind at all times.

Who can use AlumierMD products and how much do they cost?

Literally - everyone! Whether you have specific skincare concerns like acne, rosacea, aging or pigmentation, or you just want an overall glowing complexion, you can benefit from using the AlumierMD products. Both men and women across a wide range of ages have seen amazing results on their skincare journeys, using medical grade products that start from as little as £29.50.

Where can I get an AlumierMD consultation?

As AlumierMD products contain highly active, medical grade ingredients (which work wonders for skin), you can’t purchase them from the high-street. Instead, a consultation with an AlumierMD professional is required to ensure you’re using products that are suitable for your skin type and concerns. These consultations can be done in person in an aesthetic clinic near you or via video call, and they only take between 30-45 minutes – perfect for a lunch-break booking.

AlumierMD professionals are dotted all over the country, and the easiest way to find the closest place to you is to visit the 'find a professional' page on the AlumierMD website. Here, you simply enter your address or postal code and you’ll be shown the 3 closest AlumierMD skincare professionals within your area. Super easy.

How can I buy AlumierMD products?

Once you’ve had a personalised consultation with an AlumierMD skincare professional (either in clinic or over video call), you’ll have two options to buy your products. You can either purchase them directly from the salon where you had your consultation, or be set up with an AlumierMD account through which you can order your products directly from the AlumierMD website, with delivery straight to your front door.

What are the best-selling AlumierMD products?

The HydraBoost Cream Cleanser is one of the best-selling AlumierMD products and it's clear to see why. Developed for normal to dry skin, this dedicated blend of sunflower seed oil, argan oil and Vitamin E will help give dull skin a much-needed hydration boost when cleansing morning and night.

HydraBoost Cream Cleanser, from £29.50, AlumierMD


One product we're obsessed with is AlumierMD's SPF. All six sunscreens in the range are silky, sheer, and provide powerful broad-spectrum protection against UVA & UV rays. Don't forget, it's super important to wear a daily SPF – even when it’s not sunny outside. We love the Sheer Hydration which comes in untinted and versatile tint, is nourishing and combines anti-oxidant protection with effective UV protection.

Sheer Hydration SPF40 Untinted, from £37.50, AlumierMD


Vitamin C is one of the most important ingredients to add to your skincare regime, namely for its incredible ability to reduce the visible signs of ageing (bye-bye fine lines and wrinkles!). Many Vitamin C serums oxidize in their bottles while they are on the shelf or at home, and when this happens, the Vitamin C will no longer be active enough to benefit the skin. Luckily, AlumierMD has developed a clever system for the EverActive C&E + Peptide to ensure that the Vitamin C stays fresh, as you only activate the product when you first use it.

EverActive C&E™ + Peptide, from £149, AlumierMD


Retinol is a wonder ingredient that can dramatically improve the appearance of skin texture, tone, blemishes, and wrinkles. This potent formula contains microencapsulated pure retinol that is gradually released overnight, reducing the potential for irritation, which can be common when starting retinol, whilst still delivering optimal skin results. Ooh la la!

Retinol Resurfacing Serum 0.25, from £69.50, AlumierMD


The Ultimate Boost is a gorgeous lightweight serum, perfect for use under moisturiser and works to boost hydration, improve elasticity, and strengthen the skin’s barrier. It absorbs into the skin beautifully and should be used morning and night for the best results.

Ultimate Boost Serum, from £69.50, AlumierMD


Book your AlumierMD skincare consultation by searching for your nearest salon locator on the AlumierMD website