My Talking Angela 2: The cool new mobile game that everyone's talking about

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Imagine having a BFF in your pocket. How cool would that be? We've discovered a fun and unique new game that does just that. Welcome to the world of My Talking Angela 2.

If you’re familiar with the original My Talking Angela mobile game, then the fun and glamorous character of Talking Angela needs no introduction. If you’ve not played before, then you’re in for a treat. Remember Tamagotchis? The My Talking Angela and My Talking Angela 2 games are like that, but more stylish and much more fun - they’re the perfect games for users of all ages to enjoy.


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My Talking Angela 2 takes the virtual pet fun to the next level – the game offers a unique virtual friend experience. Think of her as your new BFF. Together, you can explore her wardrobe and play dress-up. You can style her any way you like – including doing her hair and makeup. You can do all sorts of fun things together like dancing, baking, making music, or even going off on globetrotting shopping adventures!


In this game, she’s not someone to be looked after, but someone to have fun with as you explore the animated world she lives in. Angela is an independent lady – she can take care of herself. If you forget to put her to bed, no worries. She’ll do it on her own, and be ready and refreshed for the next time you want to play and share experiences together.

In My Talking Angela 2, she has a swanky new apartment that you can decorate and lots of new activities to explore in the city. The game also takes you around the world, with cool cities to travel to and go shopping in for souvenirs. This is a game that you or any fashionista can make their own, with plenty of customisable features along the way, too and there are so many ways to play.


Would you prefer Angela to be a princess or a pirate? Cake baker or famous musician? Angela can be any and all of these things - she can be whatever you want her to be. Angela herself looks even more real too in the new game, with cutting-edge graphics and animations. And there are interactive games that you – and the whole family – can enjoy. Exciting!

Your best friend is here! Download and play My Talking Angela 2 on Android and iOS today. Available on Google Play, Apple App Store, Huawei AppGallery, Amazon AppStore and other platforms