Experts share how the menopause can affect your skin - and the products to try

In partnership with Farmologie by Childs Farm

Menopausal skin. How much do you know about it? As the conversation around the menopause has finally opened up – rather than being shrouded in secrecy and referred to only as ‘the change’ – one thing more and more women are talking about is the effects of the menopause on their skin.

We asked the skincare experts at Farmologie by Childs Farm, whose range of body care products are formulated to alleviate the needs of hormonally changing skin experienced throughout peri-menopause and menopause, to explain more...

Why does the menopause affect skin?

Along with night sweats, brain fog and hot flushes, changes to the skin begin to occur during peri-menopause, when oestrogen levels start to reduce.

"A consequence of becoming peri-menopausal is accelerated dehydration of our skin. The reduction of oestrogen reduces collagen production affecting the skin's elasticity, meaning it can look thinner and lines more visible," explains Farmologie’s skincare expert.Childs Farm and Farmologie Founder, Joanna Jensen.

"At the same time, from our mid-thirties, our skin's lipid production slows down meaning there is less skin barrier protection, so the top layer of our skin dries out more quickly."

How the menopause affects skin

As hormone levels plummet, the reduction of collagen in the skin and hair has a major effect on your skin and body.

Dry skin is just one menopause skin complaint. As there’s less collagen, the reduction of elasticity can mean skin will sag – so lines and wrinkles can appear more prominent. And with erratic oestrogen production, skin can become more red, itchy with hot flushes and more sensitive to creams, washing powders and washes too.

How to care for skin during the menopause

Moisturising all of your body twice daily should become the norm during menopause to compensate the collagen depletion, so look for moisturising products to help alleviate the dryness caused by the menopause.

"Our skin is a protective barrier to prevent irritation and infection occuring. Skin lipids and collagen normally maintain this barrier so as they deplete , it is important to use moisturising products with actives that will bind skin cells together to prevent the driness which allows damage to occur," says Joanna.

So which products should you be reaching for? Here are five of the best from Farmologie...

Moro orange body moisturiser, £3.49, Farmologie by Childs Farm


A Ceramide rich moisturiser which is dermatologist approved to lock-in moisture, and instantly soothe and hydrate dry, sensitive and ‘menopausing’ skin.

Used daily, skin will look vital and healthy. Colloidal Beta Glucan binds moisture to the skin, Avenanthramides from Finnish Oats reduce irritation and redness, and Oat Lipids rich in AntioxidantsVitamin E and Linoleic Acid combine with Shea butter to form a protective barrier on the skin to keep it hydrated.

This uplifting fragrance includes essential oil from the peel of the ruby-red moro orange, a sustainable by-product of the juicing industry.

Pink grapefruit body wash 250ml, £5.99, Farmologie by Childs Farm


Start treating your skin the minute you step into the shower with Farmologie's Body Wash. Using naturally derived surfactants from sugar beet and coconut, it’s a rich, luxurious product which cleanses and gently removes impurities, whilst hydrating and moisturising dry, sensitive skin and menopausing skin.

Actives include Oat Ceramides and Oat Lipids to reduce redness and irritation, whilst Antioxidants Vitamin E and Linoleic Acid form a protective barrier on the skin to keep it hydrated. Gorgeous.

Citrus fragrance includes pink grapefruit essential oil to awaken mind and spirit and give you a refreshing lift.

Body Oil, £7.99, Farmologie by Childs Farm


Alleviate dry, itchy skin post-shower with this body oil packed with some of the best moisturising ingredients; there’s oil from Ghanaian baobab seeds, organic coconut oil and Italian grape seed and olive oil combined to deliver a quickly absorbing light oil to moisturise your body to the max.

Natural coconut oil gives it a deliciously tropical scent too.

Moro Orange Bath Soak, £5.99, Farmologie by Childs Farm


A good soak in the tub is our favourite form of self-care – get the candles lit, the wine on the go and immerse yourself in this deliciously-scented bath soak, using the essential oil from the peel of a ruby-red Moro orange (a sustainable by-product of the juicing industry).

Along with the uplifting fragrance, this bath soak is packed with moisturising ingredients, from Oat Ceramides and Oat Lipids to reduce redness and irritation, and Antioxidants Vitamin E and Linoleic Acid which help form a protective barrier on the skin to keep it hydrated.

Pink Grapefruit Hand Cream, £4.99, Farmologie by Childs Farm


With all the hand-washing and drying hand-sanitisers we’ve been using, our hands have been through it the last year – and add in the menopause and the skin on your hands is in need of some serious TLC.

Farmologie’s Pink Grapefruit Hand Cream is designed with moisture in mind, with ingredients including moisture-binding Colloidal Beta Glucan and Oat Lipids rich in Antioxidants Vitamin E and Linoleic Acid combined with Shea butter to protect your skin.

Farmologie by Childs Farm products are specially formulated to be gentle and hydrating on dry and sensitive skin. Visit the website to find out more.