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Nails hands and feet: Buff your nails to make them shine

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Dita Von Teese always has perfectly manicured, lacquered nails. Whether you wear your nails au naturel or decorated with the latest colours, they look their healthiest and most glamorous when they're super shiny.


As with hair, that’s a result of light reflection and light bounces best off a flat surface. But we all suffer from pits and ridges that make nails look less than perfect. To ensure yours are super smooth and shiny, buy yourself a nail buffer. Use all four sides in turn to file away ridges as well as yellowing on the surface of the nail then to smooth and shine. You’ll be left with nails as flat and light-reflective as the surface of a diamond.


Because they’re now more absorbent, though, do apply base coat (or clear nail polish) before coloured varnish. And don’t use the file too often because it is, effectively, thinning the nail – you shouldn’t have to use it again until there’s enough regrowth to need smoothing anyway.

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