Designer turns his hand to scent

Jacques Azagury launches his first, couture-inspired fragrance

Jacques Azagury is known for his sophisticated couture creations and his first fragrance follows a similar path. "I like poignant, sharp smells, nothing too sweet or florally," he told us. "And I didn't want anything citrussy, either, nothing too day time. I was definitely looking for a 'dressed-up' perfume, which is why it doesn't contain tuberose, as many do now. I wanted it to be fresh, to wake people up as they go out in the evening."

The designer looked to the white flowers and woods popular with grand perfumers in the 1920s and 30s, choosing the Himalayan Mogra which made a lasting impact on him during a trekking trip to the region, with helionol for the top notes. The fragrance develops into a warm heart of dry amber notes with precious woods such as Atlas cedar and Mysore sandalwood that dries down to leave a fresh, breezy effect. And it contains rose absolute from Morocco, where Jacques was born.

"The fragrance market is quite saturated, there are too many off-the-shelf perfumes," Jacques comments. "And a lot of them are aimed at teens, hence the low price points. But I wanted a real perfume, a luxury item. And the bottles are crystal – which is the best ingredient!"

Azagury Eau de Parfum 50ml, £90, Parfum 7ml, £100 and Pure Oil 5ml, £120, are all available exclusively from Selfridges.