The future's clear for 'High School Musical' star

Vanessa Hudgens graduates onto modelling contract

Vanessa Hudgens, star of Disney's High School Musical, has become the face of Neutrogena's Visibly Clear range of skincare. The pretty 19-year-old says she gets spots, "like everyone else" and uses the Visibly Clear Spot Stress Control range to keep her skin as perfect as possible. "I also try to take care of myself and eat healthy, which reflects on my skin," she adds. "Great lighting helps, too!"

The actress and singer, who began her career in musical theatre at the age of eight before starring with Holly Hunter and Evan Rachael Wood in Thirteen, admits to being prone to stress with her busy lifestyle - which can have a significant impact on skin's appearance.

"I'm quite a calm person by nature, so it's usually a combination of things that stress me out, like trying to balance work and family commitments or trying to please too many people," she says. "I have a really hectic schedule, but I try to make sure I always build in time to relax. It's so important to take time out to de-stress, both for your skin and your sanity."

"If I'm on set and can't escape, I try to find an hour or so somewhere quiet, just to listen to music or read a magazine – anything just to switch off for a while and clear my mind."

Visibly Clear launches off the back of research that shows almost three-quarters of those surveyed believe they suffer breakouts when stressed, and a clinical trial that found students experiencing a significant increase in spots during their exams. As dermatologist Sue Mayou explains: “Although excessive oil production is the main culprit behind spots, the actual cause of the increase is stimulation of the glands by the hormone testosterone. Stress plays a role in this as it causes the adrenal glands to produce more hormones which in turn can stimulate sebum production."

With spot fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid along with patented MicroClear® technology, Visibly Clear Spot Stress Control, £4.49 for each of the three products available, is claimed to gently unclog pores and help clear spots, while green tea and cucumber soothe and calm the skin. It's available now in selected stores and nationwide from August.

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