Christina rates British men in battle of the scents

Women at odds with men in most alluring aromas

Women may think Jennifer Lopez is the sexiest smelling celebrity but men, it seems, prefer Christina Aguilera.

In a blind test of the latest celeb scents for Lloydspharmacy, 1,000 women were asked to choose the scent they felt would be most alluring to a man. Meanwhile 500 men were asked to pick out the fragrance they'd find most attractive on a woman.

The majority of the women opted for J Lo's Glow. The men, however, found Christina Aguilera's eponymous scent the winner.

Ms Aguilera is apparently thrilled at the result, saying: "I always knew British men had great taste – or, in this case, sense of smell."

The study found there was no correlation between which fragrances smelled the best to those who took part and those which actually sell the most. Chris Frost, head of marketing at Lloydspharmacy says: "The results show that the perception of a celebrity is more important than the scent itself."

In terms of sales, Jordan comes out tops with Stunning, Christina lags in the number two slot with Coleen and L By Gwen Stefani occupying the bottom two positions in the top ten.

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