Skincare: Prep well to keep that just-applied look

Skincare: Prep well to keep that just-applied look Whatever the weather, everyone wants make-up that appears fresh throughout the day. That means avoiding an oily or sweaty face and retaining that Nicole Kidman just-applied look. Part of the key is preparation. Avoid heavy moisturisers in the morning and instead go for a light product, applying it as soon as your skin has cooled down after bathing. Then leave it for at least ten minutes, ideally half an hour, before adding base on top – if the moisturiser doesn't have time to absorb, it will form a barrier and make-up will simply sit on top of skin, sliding off within hours. Still-moist skin will also dilute the ingredients of cosmetics, weakening foundation coverage and causing blusher to congeal rather than dust over your skin's surface as it should.

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