Be an American beauty this festive season…

From fragrant treats to fun stocking fillers, we've got some great gift suggestions for this festive season. There's a new one each day so be sure to check back tomorrow With a certain Mr Obama making all things American fashionable once more, give a salute to our friends across the pond with a gift set from Tommy Hilfiger.

Tommy American Star Set, £27, epitomises the best of America for men. The scent – in the form of an eau de cologne, 50ml, and Body Wash, 100ml - is fresh, fun and energetic while the true blue toiletries bag it comes wrapped up in is sporty and efficiently designed, with a dogstooth-edged trim and big brown belt and buckle tying it all together.

For women, there's the Favorite Things Set, £29, with the Tommy Girl Cologne Spray, 50ml, and Body Wash, 100ml, with a branded red bag and matching purse.

Available from Hilfiger counters nationwide.

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