Baby, it's cold outside

…but hot new gadget brings the beach to the bathroom

Quattro For Women Bikini, Wilkinson Sword, razor, trimmer, clippers, bikini shaver
The Quattro For Women Bikini combines a mini pair of clippers with a razor 

It's not often we're genuinely impressed by the launch of a product that calls itself an innovation. But Wilkinson Sword has come up with a new gadget that really should become a bathroom essential – and one that'll allow you to distract yourself from the snowy weather by improving how your skin looks beneath all those thermal layers.

Quattro For Women Bikini, £8.99, is the perfect tool for keeping your bikini line smooth, with a razor at one end and a trimmer at the other.

And, conveniently, it's waterproof, too.

Use the trimmer all over and the four-bladed razor – surrounded by conditioning blades to help prevent irritation - to keep the bikini line neat.

We've found the trimmer ideal for general use, too – it can be used in the same way as clippers if your hair's short and you need to keep your hairline in check.

And it's great for guys who need to keep their stubble trimmed.

For what's basically a mini pair of clippers combined with a razor that can be used on legs and underarms, too, it's a great value price.

Available from February 2009.