The cheapest skin-smoother ever

And all you need is a brush…

We're all looking for ways to save splurging on our beauty routines and there are few cheaper than the one that's guaranteed to get skin feeling smoother and looking fresher and healthier, just like Jennifer Aniston's – and that's exfoliation. Here's why:

It gets rid of dead surface skin cells that make the skin look dull, dry and patchy.

It impedes the absorption of moisturisers which are needed to help skin looker smoother and plumper.

It stimulates healthy cell turnover.

Body brushes are the cheapest, most enduring tools, but products containing fruit enzymes and hydroxy acids (often called 'AHAs' on the packaging) work at a more concentrated level, loosening dead skin while breaking down the intracellular 'glue' that holds them together. So use a combination of both.

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