Beauty with a conscience as Boots launches new Fairtrade range

We all like to look our best, but it’s not often we can combine a love of cosmetic treats with a sense of responsibility towards more altruistic initiatives.

But now it’s even easier to combine the two as Boots has been working with The Fairtrade Foundation for longer than a year to launch a complete range of beauty care products, Extracts, certified to contain Fairtrade ingredients that directly benefit the communities from which they are sourced.

And it doesn’t just mean paying a fair price; it’s an entirely different way of doing business that helps people in the world’s most marginalised communities escape poverty and promote sustainability. So the cocoa beans used in Extracts are sourced from a Dominican Republic farm cooperative formed by farmers who had previously been forced to travel to cities to work as labourers.

The cocoa industry now generates rural employment, with 40,000 Dominican households able to depend directly on the bean with the cooperative selling almost half of its production to the Fairtrade market, a figure that will increase further with the launch of a Fairtrade mark for beauty care products.

Along with the Extracts Cocoa Butter collection, there are Extracts Almond and Bergamot bodycare sets that use Fairtrade shea butter and honey. The Extracts Mango collection contains a scrub made with Fairtrade sugar. And other products use Fairtrade olive oil, vanilla extract and Brazil nut oil.

Body butters and scrubs across the individual collections within the Extracts range cost £7.50, while there are body washes for £4 and lip balms for £3.50. Extracts goes on sale in Boots from July and will also be available at

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