Perfume for the patriot: new scent conjures up essence of England

Ah, the sweet smell of an English summer: a newly mown lawn, camomile tea, salty sea air…

The heady whiff of nostalgia has been bottled for the first time with a new scent that’s been created not by a famous fragrance house or even a high-profile celeb, but by a tourism authority.

VisitEngland has developed a truly unique scent as part of a campaign to celebrate the best of the country, called – of course – By George!

Opening with a hint of camomile tea, notes at the heart of the scent evoke an English seaside garden with salty sea air, damp earth, garden mint and freshly cut grass with woodland mosses at the base. For true authenticity, there’s even a whiff of lawnmower exhaust fumes!

And there are another six, individual aromas available, in the Essence Of England Collection, based on quintessential England: Cucumber Sandwiches, Victoria Sponge, English Lawn, Seaside, Cricket Ball and Campfire.

The tourism experts at VisitEngland are hoping the scents will encourage Brits to rediscover the joys of English attractions this summer, with samples available from for a limited period.