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Sun cream know-how

If you want to tan rather than burn, it's important to know how to apply your suntan lotion to best effect.


Did you know that nearly everyone uses less sun cream than they should? But a lick and a promise just isn't enough when it comes to applying sun protection. Particularly early on in the season, when your skin is still delicate from the winter, it's important to make sure you get it right. Just remember these three simple rules:

  • Be generous. No one likes a miser, and your skin certainly won't thank you for being stingy with the sun lotion. At least twenty minutes before you go out in the sun, apply a generous slathering of lotion - it's one kind of cream you can indulge in to excess!

  • Be thorough. It's not enough to just cover the bigger areas that you can reach easily. Pay particular attention to where your body bends; remember straps move and clothes shift, so work the lotion a little way under the edges - far better to get cream on your clothes than a lobster-pink stripe on your skin; don't forget your feet - the soles and between your toes - your hands, nose, ears...

  • Repeat. If you're staying out in the sun you're going to need the bottle of lotion with you to top up your protection. If you take a dip, then re-apply when you come out of the water. Even if you don't swim, you should apply more sun cream every couple of hours.

And don't forget: the sun will reach you even if you're in the shade; you still need to use sun cream.

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