New wrinkle busting drink: does it deliver?

There has been plenty of coverage recently over Rodial’s new ‘wrinkle-busting’ drink, Glamtox Sticks, which claims to have clinical research backing up the power of one of its ingredients, Peptan, to improve moisture levels, suppleness, smoothness and ‘prevent the formation of deep wrinkles’.

Apparently, 35,000 orders were placed for the drink, which has just gone on sale. And it’s no wonder when it is supposed to boost natural collagen, acting like a ‘collagen injection from within’, reducing lines by almost a third in 12 weeks.

There are reason's to be sceptical, though. Firstly, it’s difficult actually to reduce lines that have already appeared – except by plumping out the skin to make them look less noticeable (which is what drinking plenty of water and using moisturiser does) without a treatment such as an injectable filler or, alternatively, something like a chemical peel that strips top layers of skin so lines are more shallow. Of course, there’s always a face lift…

Also, when taken internally, collagen would be surely broken down in the gut before making it to the skin.

Nevertheless, Sienna Miller, Victoria Beckham and Kate Bosworth are claimed as fans. If you want to follow in their footsteps, the sachets are available at £48 for 14 drinks – that’s two daily for a week; visit for stockists.

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