Kimberley Walsh: Girl allows beauty secrets to be revealed

Kimberley Walsh is our only current fix of Girls Aloud, with Cheryl still recuperating, Nadine in the States, Sarah supporting her DJ boyfriend abroad and Nicola taking a break from the social scene.

So we decided to grab the opportunity to chat with Kimberley to find out how she manages to stay so radiantly smooth, whether she’s out getting papped, partying or performing with the gals and were surprised to discover she’s a high-street girl rather than a designer diva when it comes to her favourite beauty boosters.

I'm very simple with my skincare routine.
"When I’m not working, I don’t wear much make-up and go without foundation so I just use face wipes and then a face wash to make sure it’s all gone. I like Simple Cucumber Face Wipes."

I go for a natural look when I'm out and about.
"You can't think about the paps. I always wear mascara – L'Oreal Lash Architect and Max Factor Lash Extension Effect are very good. I try new ones all the time. I have to use waterproof mascara when I'm performing because I get so hot and sweaty jumping up and down I'd end up with panda eyes otherwise."

We used to use full-on panstick make-up when we first started out.
"Which just didn't work because it make your skin feel horrible. Now, our make-up artist uses a lot of Youngblood mineral make-up because it allows skin to breathe and it was fantastic on tour: before, I used to get breakouts from wearing such heavy make-up."

Our hair is put through so much stress from work.
"With all the tonging, straightening and backcombing. Our hairdressers tells us to put loads of conditioner through our hair and just sit with it for an hour or two to help prevent hair drying out – I do it on holiday, too. My favourite is the Supersoft Smoothie Yoghurt and Coconut. It smells absolutely amazing and it's so thick and creamy."

My signature scent is Marc Jacobs Women Signature.
"No one seems to know it which makes me feel rather exclusive. I’ve tried all the Marc Jacobs range, though, and like them, especially Daisy."

Kimberley also told us how she feels about her looks. “I don't consider myself beautiful – but I could be worse off. I've got a bit of an unusual look in a way. I don't look like my sisters - I've got a darker skin tone and quite soft features.”

“I wouldn’t say I was beautiful,” she told us. “But I’d say I’m happy with how I look overall. I'd give myself a six.”

Kimberley’s the face of Supersoft shampoos and conditiones, around £1.95 each, the first hair care range to use yoghurt proteins and fruit extracts. Available from Morrisons, Wilkinsons, Savers, Bodycare and independent stores nationwide.

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