Seven new ways to battle breakouts

* Wash pillowcases regularly to help keep spots to a minimum.

* And don’t use fabric conditioner – some experts think it can clog pores.

* If you keep getting spots on the side of your face or jawline, try cleaning your phones with an antiseptic wipe.

* Use a concealer slightly paler than your skin on fresh pimples to counteract redness.

* Change your cosmetic colours to detract from spotty areas – swap pink for beigey blush if you have a vivid breakout on your cheeks, nude shades on lips if you have spots around your chin and downplay eyes when you have pimples on the temples or forehead.

* Steer clear of highlighter while you’ve got a breakout. If it’s too near the spots, you might as well paint an arrow on your face, but even used on another area of the face it emphasises the contrast between your clear skin and the breakout.

* If you must squeeze (and we think it can shorten the life of an inflamed spot if you catch it at just the right moment – although if you’re too early, it can agitate skin and make matters worse), apply a warm compress first then use two cotton buds instead of fingertips, which can damage skin.

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