Sadie Frost embraces ageing and reveals sexy secret

Serialisation of her book, Crazy Days, which details her life with Jude Law, began at the weekend so Sadie Frost is bound to be the subject of much Press interest over the coming weeks.

But when we caught up with at her shop, FrostFrench, in London’s Soho, the actress - pictured with business partner Jemima French (left) - appeared to be relaxed about the future, with a refreshingly laidback approach to ageing, too.

"If you feel good and you’re happy, you radiate that through your skin," she told us. "Look at women who have that inner light and they look beautiful whatever age they are."

Explaining that she likes to look natural – despite getting only five hours sleep a night as a mother of four - Sadie relies on Environ moisturisers, Linda Meredith facials and Chanel ProLumiere Foundation to keep her skin "dewy", with a spritz of Agent Provocateur’s original perfume, AP, to make sure she’s feeling sexy.

Sadie is currently at the Edinburgh Festival, but has a new project coming up in the autumn.

"I’m starting a film in September," she told us. "I’m not allowed to say anything about it, but it’s a musical and I’m playing a real diva, a Cruella de Vil-type character.

FrostFrench has designed a range of limited-edition glassware inspired by Liptons Infusion.