The time is right... for a trip to the beauty salon

If you've got an important date coming up, don't leave your salon visit till the last minute

When you've got an extra special occasion coming up, whether it's a wedding, a party or an important occasion at work, there's usually lots going on in the run up and it's easy to leave the beauty treatment right till the last minute.

And the more important the event, the more likely you are to be tempted to try out a new treatment or therapy technique to give you that extra boost.

The problem is that there's always a chance – albeit very remote – that even a well-tested and approved treatment carried out professionally by an expert beautician may provoke an allergic reaction. And the last thing you want is to develop a rash when there's no time to let it fade before the big day.

It's a good idea, therefore, to make sure you plan your beauty treatments, massage and facial for a couple of weeks before “D day” so there's plenty of time left to fix any problems that might arise.