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Weathering the winter: tips for radiant skin

Check out our advice to keep you in the pink even on the coldest days

winter skin
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However chic your hat and scarf set, the cold weather can really take it out of your skin. Alternating between central heating and raw winter weather affects even the healthiest skin, which tends to lose its colour and elasticity, resulting in a tired and slightly 'grey' look. But with a regular care routine – and a little help from the cosmetics counter – your skin can be bright and beautiful all winter long.


  • Check your skin-care routine: often, products that were fine during the spring and summer just don't cut it when the weather gets bad, so be prepared to make changes. Choose mild cleansers and oil-based moisturisers.
  • Keep that healthy glow: use an exfoliating product at least once a week – it will make your moisturising routine more effective.
  • If you have dry skin, indulge it with a moisturising mask at least once a fortnight.

  • Avoid very dark foundation; choose one that's the same colour as your skin, but with a yellow tone – it will have a warmer look.

  • Satin-finish makeup gives a brighter, fresher look than matte formulas.

  • Light translucent blushers in soft tones are best; choose something close to your natural flush colour.
  • A slight dusting of tanning powder is a great way to brighten up a winter pallor.

  • A discreet once-a-week application of a self-tanner is one of the the best-kept secrets to save your skin when the sun takes its winter vacation.

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