New Year skin care

Now the Christmas and New Year festivities are over, treat your skin to some TLC.

Hopefully you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas season with friends and family; sadly, though, all that festive fun won't have done your complexion any favours. And it isn't just your face that will have suffered: high heels, late nights, a rich diet and too much alcohol, not to mention the wintery weather... your whole system has been through a lot recently and now it deserves a little pampering. We can't do much about the weather, but we can give you a few tips to help repair some of the damage and restore vitality to your skin.

  • Use a conditioning body mask to soften and repair the winter damage to your skin. And use a face mask, too, not just for the benefits of the mask itself, but for the 15 minutes or so you take to sit still, listening to your favourite relaxing music: this short disconnection from the world has a marvellous repairing effect inside and out.

  • Take a shower or bath with a cleansing gel to gently cleanse the skin. In winter it's particularly important to use products that nourish and restore the skin's protective barrier. Finish off with your favourite moisturising product.

  • Take a break from the drink. Try a week or two – or more – with no champagne, no wine... nothing but water. And plenty of it, as it really does do wonders for your skin. If you prefer, you can warm it up a bit and add a little lemon – it's a great way to start the day and will help to rehydrate your skin from within as well as aiding digestion. If you really don't like water, herbal and fruit teas can be a good alternative.

  • Try taking a bath with a detox product. Use an exfoliant or a mitt to stimulate circulation and eliminate toxins. If you use a face mask at the same time, the steam will increase the mask's effectiveness. After the bath, try applying a product that will stimulate and get your blood moving. Both your mind and your skin will thank you.

  • High heels and dancing may be fun at the time, but your feet are probably crying out for a massage with a rich moisturising cream. After the massage, pop on some warm socks and settle down with your feet up for the evening.
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