Can fragrances affect your mood?

Perfumes and scents can have a powerful effect on energy and wellbeing

When you read the question in the headline, some of you will have immediately thought of a scent that conjures pleasant memories, perhaps of your childhood, maybe of a person or place you love. And if you did, you may well find that you're smiling now.

If just the thought of a scent can do that, it's not surprising that fragrances are believed to have a powerful effect on energy levels and moods. It seems that the sense of smell hooks straight into the emotions, triggering strong, immediate reactions, and scents can have a more evocative effect than sounds and images.

The whole range. Surrounding yourself with a particular fragrance that affects you positively will potentiate its magic. So, if your usual perfume makes you feel good, think about treating yourself to bath products in the same range. Not only will you enjoy the effect all the way from the shower right through to your moisturiser, but you'll be sure you aren't creating a clash with contrasting smells.

Aromatherapy secrets. If any beauty therapy relies on the power of perfumes, it must surely be aromatherapy, based on the therapeutic properties of the essential oils of different plants. Lavender and chamomile, for example, are well know for their relaxing effect, whereas citrics inspire energy and vitality, as do eucalyptus and mint, and vanilla and cinnamon have an arousing effect. Add a few drops of essential oil to your bathwater or body cream, or choose scented candles or air freshener and breathe in the benefits.

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