Sun damage: Caring for your back in the sun

In the sunshine, we spend a lot of time slathering factor 50 onto our faces to avoid sunburn and wrinkles.

But a lot of people can end up ignoring their back, an important place to consider, seeing as it is rarely exposed during the winter months. With that in mind, we need to take care of this area before, during and after the summer season.


HELLO! Online has compiled the following recommendations.

Before summer

Take advantage of these transition days for a thorough skin cleaning, with the use of peelings or soft abrasives to eliminate the greatest amount of dead cells possible.

In this way you can perform the advisable hydration, which will allow for more uniform and durable tanning, always with the use of the appropriate sunscreens.

During exposure to the sun

The back is one of the most exposed areas of the body to solar radiation. Just think about that when you go swimming!

For this reason it is appropriate to recall the rules for exposure to sunlight, applying sunscreen two hours before exposure, repeating the application every two hours, and, especially in the area of the back, each time we leave the water.

In addition, the type of sunscreen for this area, usually more oily in the upper part, must be fluid and easily spread. To facilitate its placement in areas that are difficult to reach, sprays, as opposed to creams, can be extremely useful.

On the other hand, time spent outdoors and correct exposure to the sun are our allies to improve, as well as heal, the usual imperfections, like pimples, that are normally present during the rest of the year in oily or more spotty skin.

After the summer

It is still a long way off — thank goodness — but it’s not too early to think about after care.

If we have not taken the proper precautions, our skin will have suffered from too much sun exposure, and once again, we will need to have a gentle exfoliation, and a deep hydration, to heal the damage and embrace the coming seasons in the best possible way.