Make the most of your favourite fragrance this summer

With summer almost upon us we talk to the fragrance experts to find out the best way to wear your perfume.

Here are top tips for you to smell lovely all day long in your scents:

1. Fabrics hold fragrance wonderfully. Spritz your favourite scent onto the lining or inner hem of your outfit and as your body temperature rises, so will the fragrance. Avoid spraying the outside of your clothes - unless the perfume is completely colourless, it could stain.

2. Freshly washed hair holds scent well and is a great fragrance carrier, especially if your hair is long, the perfume will release every time you flick your locks.

3. Spraying below your waist will leave you smelling sweet for hours so set your scents higher by dabbing perfume on crucial pulse points like the crook of your elbows, back of your knees and the front of your elbows. Because fragrance floats up with body heat, it's worth spraying in areas you sweat lots too, like in between your cleavage and under your hairline - avoid the sensitive armpit area though!

4. Don't spritz the centre of your neck in summer as skin can be very dry there due to constant sun exposure. If you must, dab it either side of your throat, about three inches below your ear to get a sting-free reaction.

5. Layering is a great way of wearing fragrance for summer. Over spraying a scent won't make it last longer, it'll just smell really strong at first before fading completely. Invest in the complementary bath and body products of your favourite perfume where the fragrance will just layer on your skin and as your body heats then cools during the day, each product will revitalise itself. Start with the body wash, followed by the body lotion and finish with a light spritz of the scent.

Tips from fragrance experts at The Fragrance Shop

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